Talent Management Reimagined.

TMA will help you bring the change you want to see. Whether it be for your own organization, or as part of your business model.


Integral Talent Management is a dynamic process that continuously develops people and teams to drive performance and return on investment


No one knows you better than yourself. The TMA method is implemented into organizations through training that teaches teams how to make effective use of the system to achieve desired results. In-house training makes sure the method is delivered in good hands.

Talent Management System

Get your very own, branded online system to manage how assessments are sent. TMA is ISO certified and fully GDPR compliant for tight security & privacy measures with the entire use of our system.

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Personalised Support

Never feel lost with direct support provided by TMA. We are always available for private consultation to address all your business needs, and any issues should they arise.

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Get licensed and grow your business by learning how to implement the TMA Integral Talent Management System into companies.

Autonomous Business Model

TMA Middle East gives partners the opportunity to integrate the TMA Integral Talent Management System in their current service model. Our partners become the single point of contact with clients by delivering consultancy services using TMA as the fundament. Partners help lift individuals, teams and organizations to new heights.

Stand out

Service a wide audience with TMA's integral talent management model adapted to your own style and brand.

It takes two to tango

Our partner program facilitates tremendous cooperation between partners and TMA Middle East. Together we build and forecast future business development plans. We aim for an ongoing stream of recurring billable services and revenue, enabling us to help people to do the work they love to do. Always.

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Use the TMA Method in your training & coaching sessions, seminars and workshops.

For who?

The Expert partner program is there for company's and freelancers that want to use the TMA Method as a fundamental system under their services.

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Coaches and trainers can use the TMA Method once they become certified as an Expert. The certification training is carried out by a TMA Professional. The TMA Expert may offer the TMA Method to its own candidates to instil meaningful business interventions.

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Find out which role fits you best and get a free demo of our assessments.

More than just one way to use TMA Method

We implement the TMA Method in organizations with our partners.


The TMA Method combines talents & competencies to propel performance and ROI.

  • Integral talent management
  • For individuals, teams and organizations
  • Personalised Portal
  • Support and Consultation
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Get licensed to be able to implement the TMA Method and consult organisations on Integral Talent Management.

  • Generous recurring Partner program
  • Management consultancy
  • Business development
  • Personalised portal
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Join a growing group of coaches & trainers bringing humanity back to the workplace.

  • TMA Certification
  • Generous recurring Expert program
  • Tools for a enhanced training sessions
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