Talent & Performance Dialogues

Integral Talent Management continuously develops people & teams to drive performance and enhance return on investment

Unveil Individual Talents

Find out what makes your employees tick to turn talent into performance. Align the candidates talents with the role, team and environment to drive performance and accelerate ROI.

Psychometric Talent Assessments

TMA Talent Assessments report on 22 drives & 44 talents to unveil an individuals’ true potential and help them blossom. Results will enable HR and management to correctly align individuals to specific roles and teams within an organization.

Validating Results

Once TMA Talent Assessments are complete, a follow up interview is essential to check the validity of scores and results.


Find out to what extent candidates/ employees agree to their talent indicators.


Discover the needs of individuals by finding out who they really are and what makes them tick.


Unveil the true potential of your workforce by asking the RIGHT questions. Discover which talents and competencies to develop and enhance, as well as which areas to avoid. Organizational growth starts with the individual - drive a motivated and driven workforce by allowing individuals to work from their strengths and blossom, turning talent into performance!

Find out how you can implement TMA in your organization

Competency Assessment

Matching required behaviors.

Competency Profile

Create clear and concise expectations with input from other stakeholders within your organization.

Identify Strengths

Use a talent dialogue to discover what your employees can really do and contribute. Individuals can only blossom if an environment enables them to do so.

Performance matrix

A Practical leadership tool to get the best out of your people, providing intelligent, adaptive insights and guidance into the overall performance of your employees.


Individual Dashboards.

Empower Individuals to take action, accountability and ownership over their own learning.

Personal Development

Enable individuals to take control over their own development. Development should be in areas suited to ones' own needs, aligned to organizational goals.

Self Start Feedback

Employees will be able to initiate feedback relating to their own overall performance based around any of the 53 competencies.

Customized reports and dashboards

Decide which tools and features can be used and viewed by every individual on the online TMA Portal. Create teams to monitor performance and align the correct people within their roles.

Build Cohesive Teams

Bring the right people together based on a proper distribution of talents & compencies.


Form a complete cohesive team with diverse drives & talents.


Discover how each team member works and learns to encourage peer-to-peer learning and propel a motivated team forwards.

Strategies and Advice

Utilise and enhance individual talents for increased performance during development of teams, with calculated decisions regarding role allocation for equal contribution and added value by all team members. Use TMA strategies and advice to lift team performance and enhance team collaboration.

Find out how you can implement TMA in your organization

Feedback at its finest


Gain feedback from many different stakeholders within an organization.


Direct feedback from one other person to track and monitor development.


Give input about own feelings regarding your role and personal performance.

Competency assessment

Understand how you work to deliver on company expectations.

Self Start Feedback

Benefit from feedback can be plotted into charts to monitor personal growth and development over time.

Competency Set Assessment

Include all stakeholders in the creation of explicit competency profiles to help hire, develop and engage with correct talents.

More assessments

Cognitive capability assessments

Job interest assessments

All in one personalized system

Use all of the above tools and more within your very own talent management system, designed to be personal and specific.

Find out how you can implement TMA in your organization

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