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The TMA Method - Aligning competencies with talents for overall growth and performance.

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Talent as a key driver for performance

People perform better and are more involved when they work in line with their natural talents!

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Assisting 2000 companies worldwide

TMA's promise

TMA's Integral Talent Management System increases performance of individuals, teams and the organisation as whole, propelling return on investment.

TMA for organisations

The TMA Method aligns talents & competencies to propel performance and ROI.
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TMA for commercial use

TMA works solely with partners to implement the TMA Method in the Middle East region.
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TMA for coaching

Many coaches & personal trainers use the TMA method to ignite meaningful interventions.
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Talent Management at its Finest

Sensible, Applicable, Measurable tools driving performance with intelligent business insights.

Create clear expectations

Compile crystal clear behavioural indicators for specifc job roles with the TMA competency profile.

Unveil Talents.

Unveil the true talents of candidates/ employees with the TMA Talent Assessments that chart 44 talents against 22 drives across 6 talent dimensions. Each talent is linked to 53 competencies found in the TMA competency library.

Mapping Competencies.

Assess, Develop and Monitor competency levels to get a more accurate picture of employee's performance.

Match on the future mode of (remote) collaboration

Collaboration is all about effective distribution of talents and competencies within a cohesive team.

Personal Development is the ticket to the future.

Utilise TMA tools and content for continuous, hands-on, effective development strategies.

Be Agile

Empower cohesive teams that are action driven, accountable and adaptable. HR can create a workforce that delivers on company objectives, individual and team expectations, while considering the overall welfare of the people.

Embrace the TMA Method in more than just one way.

We implement TMA Method in organizations with our partners.


The TMA Method aligns talents & competencies to propel performance.

  • Integral talent management
  • For individuals, teams and organizations
  • Personalised portal
  • Ongoing support and consultation
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Get licensed to implement the TMA Method and consult organisations on Integral Talent Management.

  • Generous recurring Partner program
  • Management consultancy
  • Business development
  • Personalised portal
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Join a growing group of coaches & trainers bringing humanity back to the workplace.

  • TMA Certification
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